Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde
Tell Me Where You Are

you make me feel like I'm all alone.
And I've been trying hard to break through,
but if you need me I've got to know.

Baby, Is this imagination or something real?
Baby, ??? closer and tell me how you feel
Baby, where do you go?

A. Tell me where you are.
Coz' we seem so far apart.
Tell me where you are.
Where's your heart. [End of A.]

I know that love has been a stranger,
and always something that let you down.
Honey, you're not in any danger.
I never give up on what we've found.

Baby I love you so
Baby, come on turn around and listen to what I say.
Baby, I never go
You don't have to keep your distance.
Please stop running away.

[Repeat A.]

Have you discovered a place to hide.
Because you're scared of letting anyone inside.
Forget you pride. Come on baby, give it a try.

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Author: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde
Composer: ?
Publisher: MCA Records
Published in: 1988
Language: English
Available on: Close (1988)


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