Led Zeppelin
Since I've Been Loving You. (Guitar chord)

(Cm) (Fm)
working from seven to eleven every night
it realy makes my life drag; i dont think its right.
ive really really been the best of fools, i did what i could.
cause i love you baby,how i love you, darling how i love you baby,

how i love you girl, little girl.
(A) (Fm)
but baby since ive been loving you im about to loose,
(Cm) (B7) (Cm) (E7)
my worried mind oh yeah.

since ive been crying.
(fm) (Cm)
wo my tears they fell like rain.
(Cm) (B7) (Cm) (E7) (D7) (Dmaj.) (D7) (Dmaj.) (Cm)
Dont you hear them falling, dont you hear dont you hear them falling?


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    Aros at Sat 31 Jul, 2004 9:34 pm

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