down with saskia

I'm Feeling Down
And In My Mind I See You Lying On The Ground
Is This Profound
I Know There Ain't No Love Inside Your Head
Memories Of You Are Dead
I'm Feeling Down

Down Dressed In Black With A Silver Clip
What's Up With This Strange Relationship
I Don't Know Star Are We Going Far
On Tippy Tippy Toes Show Me One Of Those
What Do You Propose Stay Or Let It Roll
Anything We Start Girl, You Know We Gotta Finish
Or Suffer The Consequences Yeah

Resurrect For Me If You Can
Our Lovely Two Night Stand
It's Not Enough I Suffer Your Crush
Ain't No Love Inside Your Head
Memories Of Me Are Dead
I'm Feeling Down

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Language: English
Available on: Lexicon Of Melody (1997)


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