Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka
Oompa Loompa Song (Veruca Salt)

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do
I have another puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa doom-pa-da-dee
If you are wise, you`ll listen to me
Who do you blame when your kid is a brat?
Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat
Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
You know exactly who`s to blame
The mother and the father
Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-da
If you`re not spoiled, then you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do


Submitted by walter at Mon 28 Jan, 2008 5:29 pm

Author: ?
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Language: English


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