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Blind Melon
Walk Ver 2 (Guitar tab)


"Walk" by Blind Melon, from the album Soup
Written by Blind Melon (as One)
Copyright 1995 Capitol Records, Inc.
transcribed by Kevin Ozbirn

This song really isn't that hard, the rhythm is probaly the
hardest part, knowing where to stop and all, but this is easily
picked up off the record.
(I usually play these chords they way they are in the tab,
but they can be played other ways without making much

Song starts off with an arpeggiated Am chord like this:
(standard tuning)

And then jumps into the chord progression of Am-C-G-F, which
seems to be continued throughout the song.

The chords in the intro go something like this

Am C G F

Am * C G (rest)

* there's a little "walk up" right here to the C, so the chord
isn't quite played all the way, like this.
The time between the C note and the rest of the
chord is very small. The G chord is hit almost
right after the C, so there shouldn't be more than
2 strums of the C.

This really isn't all that important, the song will sound just
the same w/o it.

Just keep the same rhythm as in the intro for the verses of the
song, all of the rests fall after the G chord. For the little
breakdown part towards the end the lyrics and chords go like
this. (This is my best guess at the timing, but again it's real
easy to pick up off the record)

Am C
And my feet are so cold

And I can't believe that I have to bang my head against this
Am C G F
wall again But the blows they have just a little more
Am C
space in between them
G F (start strumming again)
gonna take a breath and try and try again

The song then jumps into the Am-C-G-F progression after the word
"again" for the rest of the song.

I haven't tried to figure out the mandolin parts yet, but they're
definately in A minor (I think....)

This is a really good song.

The lyrics are in the album, so I don't see any need to put them


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