One Time We Lived

One Time We Lived by Moby, Music Video and Lyrics

One Time We Lived is the fourth single by Moby, from his ninth studio album, "Wait for Me", and its exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of the album. It is due to be released worldwide on November 16 2009.
Moby also releases an animated video starring 'The Little Idiot' to join the new single. The video was directed by Robert Powers.

You can watch the official video here.

Moby - One Time We Lived Lyrics

One time we lived
Like the time would never leave
One time we had
Luxuries and greef
We couldn't see an end
There was no end in sight
The time has...
The time has pulled us down
Bringing darkness to the light

I remember the way you looked
I remember the light in your eyes
Isn't that what we wanted?

One time we lived
Like the time would never end

Song Information

Released November 16 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Electronica
Label Little Idiot
Writer Moby
Producer Moby

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Language: English


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