Narration Brimstone And Treacle

Establishing its beauty in elevation
Stained glass in stoned carvings
From its huge doors suddenly
Comes a flow of white clad quire boys
And yellic white criplest bobling in a discipled stream
But then, suddenly in the midst
Startling ridiculous, incongrous, is Martin
The young man in an ill-fitting raincoat
As the boys preceed on their alterly way
Martin is left alone, peculiar, disturbing
Which one, which one will it be?

Two - interior - an office near the catherdral - daylight
A view of the cathedral through the window
Alone, in this decension office
Above the small printing presses
Sits Mister Bates, middle-aged, miticulace
Writing with a gold, barould-fountain pen
He's finishing a little verse
Benath a picture of an angel:
" Although we all must sometimes stumble
As we journey through this life
I never heard you moan or grumble
The perfect mother and wife"
Bates plates the sheet of paper
On top of a pile of similar sheets
His face heavy with contempt
He stares into the middle distance
A friendly photograph
Of a lively, attractive young woman
Patty, his daughter, is in front of him
On his expands of desk
He glances at it, he capts his fountain pen
Neatly puts the sheet into the pending tray
Neatly lines up his bloter, his descades
And satisfied rises to join the homeward thrung

Three - exterior - cathedral - precincts - fading daylight
A few people bobing along
With the enomenous, near vacant,
Tired expression of homegoers
Which one, which one will it be?

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