Better Than Ezra

Better Than Ezra
Winter Coats (Guitar chord)

Date: Mon, 05 Jun 1995 10:47:56 -0400
Subject: Better Than Ezra

Here is a song off Ezra's first album, "Surprise".

I'm doing this from memory, corrections welcome.

[C]Discarded, left behind [G] paper cups and sour wine
[F]candle wax, table cloth [G] try to wash it won't come off
[C] ticket stubs and movie scenes [G] Dustin Hoffman has gangrene
[F] Ferris wheel in the park [G] city lights after da[F]rk
I'm goin' [G] home when I find a girl that makes me for[F]get
what I should have [C] done


In [C] winter [F] coats [G]
In winter [F] coats [G]
In winter [F] coats [G]
In [C] winter [F] lives are falling fast behind
the words make sense, but we don't seem to [G] rhyme

[same as before]

Risin' tide, ocean breeze, crashin' waves, askin' please
listen to the radio, singin with the songs you know
time passes memory fades, forget about the plans we made
decisions wrapped the coat up tight, keep it safe from the light
I'm goin home where I'll find a girl and we won't forget what we should have



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