The Beloved

The Beloved
It's Alright Now

Summer haze
Find you woken up and it's a brand new day
Time for back to basics in the old style way
Being bold, just growing old and dreaming away.

In summertime
Stretching out and smiling in the warm sunshine
Moving on and upward in a grand design
Living large and lovin' you and feeling fine.

Well, it's alright now
Don't you worry about a thing
'Cause when the morning comes around
I'm gonna make your heart sing
Well, it's alright now
Don't you stop and wonder why
I'm gonna put my arms around you
We're gonna light up the sky
Yeah, it's alright now.

Summer dream
Effortlessly gliding on a ride downstream
Well, is you is or is you ain't just part of the team
Feel free and you can feel clean.


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Frank Potters

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Author: Jon Marsh
Composer: Helena Clare & Jonathan Robin Marsh
Publisher: Warner Music UK Ltd
Published in: 1997
Language: English


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