Bette Midler

Bette Midler
My Mother's Eyes

"I think I`ll sing you a little ballad. It`s a new one. I just learnt it. Oh, I hope you like it."

Got my mother`s eyes and my father`s hair.
Does anybody really care?
It`s gettin` cold out here.

Well, I keep walkin` with my head held high,
with my head to the sky,
with my mother`s eyes.

And my mother`s eyes are with me
in the darkness that`s been paid for.
I`m just a nameless stranger, don`t know why.

Have I seen all that I could?
Have I seen more than I should
with my mother`s eyes?

And my mother`s eyes are with me
in the chilly winds of autumn.
If I ain`t here by winter, she`ll know why.

I`ve seen all that I dare.
I`ve seen more than my share.
Forgive me if I stare with my mother`s eyes.


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Author: Tom Jans
Composer: ?
Publisher: Atlantic
Published in: 1980
Language: English


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