Bette Midler

Bette Midler
I'm Hip

"Oh man, do you believe that chick? She has got no idea what`s happening, no idea. I am the one who`s plugged in around here. That`s why they call me The High Priestess of Cool! Ha ha!

See, I`m hip. I`m no square.
I`m alert, I`m awake, I`m aware.
I am always on the scene.
Makin` the rounds, diggin` the sounds.
I read People Magazine.
`Cuz I`m hip.

Like, dig! I`m in step.
When it was hip to be hep, I was hep.
I don`t blow but I`m a fan.
Look at me swing. Ring a ding ding.
I even call my girlfriend "man,"
`cuz I`m hip.

Every Saturday night
with my suit buttoned tight and my suedes on
I`m gettin` my kicks
diggin` arty French flicks with my shades on.

I`m too much. I`m a gas.
I am anything but middle class.
When I hang around the band,
poppin` my thumbs, diggin` the drums,
sqaures don`t seem to understand
why I flip. They`re not hip like I`m hip.
I`m hip!

I`m on top of every trend.
Look at me go. Vo-dee-o-do.
Sammy Davis knew my friend.

I`m hip, but not weird.
Like, you notice, I don`t wear a beard.
Beards were in but now they`re not.
They had they`re day. Now they`re passé.
Just ask me if you`re in doubt,
`cuz I`m hip.

Now I`m deep into Zen
meditation and macrobiotics,
and as soon as I can
I intend to get into narcotics.

`Cuz I`m cool as a cuke.
I`m a cat, I`m a card, I`m a kook, kook, kook.
I get so much out of life.
Really, I do. Skoo ba dee boo.
One more time play "Mack the Knife."
Let `er rip. I may flip, but I`m hip.


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Author: Bob Dorough, Dave Frishberg
Composer: ?
Publisher: Warner Bros Records Inc.
Published in: 1998
Language: English


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