Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin
I Count The Minutes

This world don`t turn when you`re not in my arms
The sun don`t shine whenever I`m without you
And there`s an empty space inside my heart
When you`re gone
And whenever you`re gone,
It`s too long
And the waiting is driving me crazy
Baby, I`m not alive
Till you`re here by my side, oh

I count the minutes
I count the hours
I count the seconds
Till you`re here by my side again
And every minute (every minute)
Goes on for hours (hours)
Until you`re with me
Till I look in your eyes again
And time is standing still till you`re
here with me
I need your love to set me free,
set me free

Each night`s a lifetime when I`m not with you
And every day just seems to take forever
I`m missing when I should be kissing you
I can`t wait
`Cause I live for the love that we make
I can`t breathe till I feel you beside me
And I`m lost in the dark
Till you`re here in my arms, oh

I count the minutes...

I can`t wait a minute more
Just to touch you
`Cause I love you baby
Don`t make me stay away from you too long
`Cause the waiting is
driving me crazy
Baby I`m not alive
Till you`re here by my side
Here by my side

I count the minutes...


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Author: Diane Warren
Composer: ?
Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment Inc
Published in: 1999
Language: English


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