Catch Me

I heard she drove the silvery sports-car
Along the empty streets last night
hanging around with hairdos like mine
No I haven't seen the kids for some time

Picked up her shoes from the red-brick-stairway
Just like harpsichord as she moved
and back upstairs at half past two
With a paper folded outside the loo

Rain falls like Elvis-tears
Oh no, No sugar tonight
Out on the highstreets
dim all the lights now
bright color tears again

Baby, don't forget to catch me
Don't forget to catch me
Don't forget to catch me
Hold on princes don't you think that it's time
On this platform with the drizzle in my eye
(The ticket's in my hand, the train pulls down the line)

I had a friend from over the harbour
he said he stayed with a neighbourhood girl
And sometimes when it won't go right
I can hear his voice inside me at night




Submitted by walter at Fri 21 Dec, 2007 6:38 am

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: Druck
Published in: 1997
Language: English


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