Race Car Driver (Sped Up Version)

Come on baby, let`s get in the car
I`m gonna take you real, real far
I`m gonna paint your mama`s face on the door
You ain`t gonna see her anymore
We`ll paint a red flamed firebird on front
I will be Evel Knievel, you can double my stunts
This ain`t no Malibu Barbie Corvette
This is a real 350 V-8, fuel-injected engine from a private liner jet

And I`m going to be your race car driver
Your race car driver

Got studded tires, excuse me if I`m blunt
I`ve got ribbed rims for her pleasure up front
Got fuzzy dice with a secret door
Full of flavored serums, breath freshener and more
Say, you look smashing by the dashboard light
Come on baby gonna make you feel alright
I`m gonna take you at high warp speed
It`s better than watching Star Trek after you smoked weed

Come on baby, let`s get on the road
Let`s get on track
And I will grab the wheel like
it was your hair I was pulling back
I`m gonna straddle the line
Swear to God it`s gonna take you real far
I`m just a real small man with a real big car
And I`m gonna be your race car driver
So come on baby what`s your answer, you gonna cross the line
Ah, quit your sniveling, it`s no or yes this time
What you`re hungry? We`ll stop by Mickey D`s* for a happy meal
For a regular hot dog ordeal on wheels
But I can see that you`re not impressed
By the way that you are fully dressed
Looks like I`ll have to pull out all the stops
I`m a sensitive man of the 90`s, sweetheart,
Who cares for your emotional being an awful lot

[Chorus x 2]

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