Do You Want To Play?

Met her on a Friday afternoon
In a neon dayglo pink chiffon satin room
She never looks back
She always looked good dressed in black
Oh...You`re so special
Oh...Who gives a...
Do you want to play?

She lived beneath the disco discount store
With pictures of Randy Newman scattered all across the floor
I said, "This is place looks sort of desolate"
She said, "Are you only half alive or have you always been this inarticulate?"


Don`t think too hard
Don`t think too fast
Don`t ever give away what you can`t take back
Don`t try and understand what you can`t comprehend
Underneath the disco neon daylight chandelier disco deity of the chivalry
I said, "Take it back
Take it back
Take it back"


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    walter at Thu 17 Jan, 2008 7:39 am

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Language: English
Available on: This Way (2001)


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