Kana Bukuru Lesouple

We are born
And from that time
We are
On the way towards death.

We grow
From tiny tots.
We are
Put through a lot, yes through a lot.

We ramble
Along life's highways
Turning into many dead ends.
We turn around
Then start again, we start again.

We must, however,
We must
At some point
Come to that final end, final end.

We have
To take the last,
That very last,
That final exit, final exit.

But we still will
We'll still live in spirit.
Your spirit.
My spirit
Our spirit.
In the end
Finally there's no end.
There's no end, there's no end.
We have no end.


Submitted by tauzefien at Wed 12 Jun, 2019 8:10 pm

Author: Gyle Waddy
Composer: Kana Bukuru Lesouple
Publisher: Elyts Records
Published in: 2007
Language: English
Available on: Everywhere the wind blows (2007)


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