Kana Bukuru Lesouple

Kana Bukuru Lesouple
Peace to All Mankind

Everyone, everywhere
I've been thinkin' a lot about
Mankind and I have doubts.
I'm afraid things aren't going that good.
Seems to me
That this world is turning wrongly.
Thanks to man for his modern technology,
To science advancements for everything
That help us live easily;
Help us live very com'tably,
But there's a question that that I ask myself,
'Why so much ignorance, insolence
Turned against them who have less chance?'
When we see people bleeding, suffering, dying
Why can't we help them without demanding
That they give something in return?
Why not give peace to all mankind?
I hear a mother's sigh, baby's cry,
Hungry eyes that are full of flies.
Child warriors taught by men:
Little girls that are sold they're innocent.
Such a crime. Now's the time!
Stop these horrors let's clean those ignorant minds.
Stand against inhumanity!
Let's give peace to all of mankind.
Let's have peace!
Come on! For mankind!
Peace to all mankind
Peace to all mankind
Peace to all mankind
It's our lives. Now's the time!
Let's give peace to all of mankind.
Let's make peace the bottom line
There's no choice. Now's the time!
Let's give peace to all of mankind.
It's your life! Now's the time!
Let's give peace to all of mankind.
Parlando: Gyle
We have to stop all these atrocities
That are going on in the world.
There's too much pain, too much hurt,
Come on let's put our hands together.
Let's stop the war. Let's help those kids
Who need help. All those people out there
Want the same thing as you do, as I do.
We have to keep on going.
We have to keep our faith strong.
You see without humanity there's nothing.
We are the chosen people. We have to do it.
If we don't do it what's going to happen?
Let's give peace to mankind.
Let's put our hands together. Let's hold each.
I think it's time to do that right now.
Come on put your hands together. Hold each other.
Come on it's now, I would say it's now or never.
Peace, peace to mankind. Come on!
Have peace! Peace to mankind.


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Author: Gyle Waddy
Composer: Kana Bukuru Lesouple
Publisher: Elyts Records
Published in: 2007
Language: English
Available on: Everywhere the wind blows (2007)


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