Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight Ver 6 (Guitar tab)

This is only a pre.version of this tab... and it's my first tab ever.. Feel free
to contact me @
I won't say that this is the real one, only a version that fells right for me...
(And... ta da... sounds right too.. At least I think (??))
It shuld be played with a overdrive i think.. Havn't tested it yet,
don't own one.. :(

|-----------------------| Sven Almgren |-----------------------|

e |--------------|-------------|-------------|
B |--11^--8--10--|--11^--8-----|--11^--8--10-| The 11 shuld be 10, but it's easyier
G |--------------|----------9--|-------------| to do a � step bending insted of a
D |--------------|-------------|-------------| full one from the 10th
A |--------------|-------------|-------------|
E |--------------|-------------|-------------|

e |--------------|-------------|-------------|---------------------|
B |--11^--8--10--|--11^--8-----|--11^--8--10-|--12--13--14/17--15--|
G |--------------|----------9--|-------------|---------------------|
D |--------------|-------------|-------------|---------------------|
A |--------------|-------------|-------------|---------------------|
E |--------------|-------------|-------------|---------------------|

|-----------------------| (C) Sven Almgren |-----------------------|

This was the intro atleast... Haven't been trying the rest of the song...
I would refer to eather

The introparts are beaing used in the song too as interludes...


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Sun 01 Dec, 2002 9:41 am

Author: ?
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Publisher: ?
Language: English


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