Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight Ver 2 (Guitar chord)

Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight

(G)its late in the (D) evening
(C)shes wondering what (D) clothes to wear
(G)she puts on her (D) makeup
(C)and brushes her (D) long blond hair
(C)and then she (D) asks me
(G)do i (D)look (Em) alright
(C)and i (D) say (G)yes
(D)you look (C) wonderful (D)tonight

(repeat chords for verse 2)

we go to a party
and everyone turns to see
this beautiful lady
whose walking around with me
and then she asks me
do you feel alright
and i say yes
i feel wonderful tonight


(G) i feel (C) wonderful
(D)because i (G)see
(G)that love (D)look in your (Em)eyes
(G)and the (D) wonder of (C)it (D)all
(G)is that (D)love you

(for the last verse just repeat chords to first 2 verses)


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