Smoke & mirrors

I really wanna try and be better
I don't want to wake up alone
I'd been the man you wanted me to be all along
I take away your pain
I sing out in the rain
My heart is overthrown
you always come to me when you're down
leave me there to hold up my heart
trying hard to make up my mind
i pull, the wool over your eyes
the pennies in the shrine
and hope for more
touch my lips with your own, don't
worry bout a thing
we're alone
i figured you could use some company
through your eyes i see the truth
it's all smoke and mirrors
and i feel so confused
your love makes it clearer
you can lay your head down on me
im on my knees,
i need your relief


Submitted by tauzefien at Thu 08 Jun, 2017 8:48 pm

Author: Raphael Esterhazy
Composer: ?
Publisher: Konoba
Published in: 2015
Language: English
Available on: Smoke & Mirrors (2017)


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