Bee Gees

Bee Gees
I Cant See Nobody (Guitar chord)


Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:48:12 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers
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B-side of 'New York Mining Disaster 1941', and one of my all-time favorite
Bee Gees songs. Amazingly soulful (it got significant airplay on R&B
stations), especially considering that they were only 17-19 years old at
the time. -- AWR

"I Can't See Nobody"
(Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb)


(acoustic guitar w/strings):

Em /D /C# /B
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Verse 1:

Em D
I walk the lonely streets
I watch the people passing by
Em D
I used to smile and say hello
Yes, I was just a happy guy

(drums enter midway through each verse)

Then you happened, girl
This feeling that possesses me
I just can't move myself
I guess it all just had to be


I can't see nobody
No, I can't see nobody
A D E A [1-3: N.C.; 5: end cold]
My eyes can only look at you
E [1-3: N.C.]

Verse 2:

I used to have a brain
I used to think of many things
I watched the falling rain
And listened to the sweet bird sing

Don't ask me why, little girl
I love you and that's all I can say
You're every, every breath that I take
You are my nights, my night and day

[repeat chorus]

Verse 3 (note extra lines):

Every single word you hear, girl
Is coming from this heart of mine
I've never felt like this before
A love like yours, so young and fine

And now as I try to forget you
It doesn't work out anyway
I loved you such a long time ago
Though in my eyes you'll always stay

Every single word you hear
Is coming from this heart of mine
I loved you such a long time ago
Don't know why, girl I don't know why
(Baby, such a long time
Baby, such a long time
Baby, such a long time)

[repeat chorus]

[repeat chorus; end cold as indicated]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers


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