The Beatles

The Beatles
I Saw Her Standing There Ver 2 (Guitar chord)

This is how it was printed in the book ive got it sound pretty good.
(The Beatles are the best band ever) ENJOY

E7 A7
Well she was just seventeen and you know what i mean
E7 B7
and the way she looked was way beyond compare
E A7
so how could i dance with another
oh-----when i saw her standing there
[repeat this structure for the all of the Verses]

E7 A7 A7
Well my heart went boom when i crossed that room
B7 A7
and i held her hand in mine

Well thats pretty much all you need to know
just keep repeating the structure for the
1st verse with the rest.
And it ends on an E9 if
you've got the song you can just make it out
at the end.
I hope this will help a fellow beatle fan!


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Wed 08 Sep, 2004 5:27 pm

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