The Beatles

The Beatles
Honey Don't

Well how can you say you will when you won`t,
Say you do, baby, when you don`t?
Tell the truth now, is love real?
But oh well honey don`t, well honey don`t,
Honey don`t, honey don`t, honey don`t
I say you will when you won`t, oh honey, don`t.
Well I love you, baby, and you ought to know
I like the way you wear your clothes,
Everything about you is so doggone sweet,
You got that sand all over your feet.
[Oh, rock on George, one time for me.]
[I feel fine.]
[I`m sad.]
Well sometimes I love you on a Saturday night,
Sunday morning you don`t look right.
You`ve been out painting the town,
uh baby, been stepping around.
[Oh, rock on George, for Ringo one time.]


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