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The Beatles
Theres A Place (Guitar chord)

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song title: There's A Place
album: please, Please Me (1963)
(words and music by JOHN LENNON and PAUL McCARTNEY)
listen to the song for correct time pattern

intro chords:
F Bb F

(no chord) a (F)place, (Bb)where i can (F)...
(Bb)When i feel (F)low, (Dm)when i feel (C)b...
And it's my (Am)Mind............(Bb)
And there's np (Fmaj7)time......(Bb)
When (Gm)I'm a-(Dm)-lone.

(no chord)I..... think of (F)y..
(Bb) and things you (F)do
(Bb)Go round my (F)h...
(Dm) the things you've (C)s...
Like "I (Bb) love, on - ly (C) you"________

(Dm) In my mind there's mp (G)s......
(F) don't you know taht it's (A)so?
(Dm) there'll be sad to(G)m......
(F) Don't you know that it's (A) so? (Dm)=20

(No Chord) There... is a place....
There's a (F)place, (Bb) There's a.. (REPEAT AND FADE)


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