The Beatles

The Beatles
Free As A Bird (Drum tab)

Band: The Beatles
Song: "Free As a Bird"
Album: Anthology 1
Tabbed By: Thad Driscoll (
For: Kris's Drum Tab Page

HH = Hi-Hat
SD = Snare Drum
BD = Bass Drum
C = Crash Cymbal
T1 = Tom #1

The song begins like this and you go right into the beat

HH 44
SD 44
BD --

Or you could just do two eighth-note flams on a snare.
Either way it sounds good.

Here's the way Ringo plays the beat on Anthology 1:

HH 1n1n 2n2n 3n3n 4n4n
SD ---- 2nnn ---- 4nnn (repeat)
BD 1nnn ---- 3nnn ----

Or you could play it the way my school band plays it which
probably sounds better:

HH 1n1n 2n2n 3n3n 4n4n
SD ---- 2nnn ---- 4nnn (repeat)
BD 1nnn nn2n 3nnn nn4n

Here's a couple fills Ringo throws in before going into the
part which goes: "Whatever happened to the life that we once

SD = 1n1n nn22 3nn3 4nnn
C = ---- ---- ---- nn4n

SD = 1n11 2n2n 3n33 444n
C = 1nnn ---- 3nnn ----


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