The Beatles

The Beatles
Im Only Sleeping (Guitar chord)

From: (Todd J Derr)

I'm Only Sleeping

(i think this should be played with a capo on 4... otherwise start with
Bm and it will do fine- top line are the chord forms, bottom line is in
the right key [at least the recording I have])

Bm Em D G D F#7
D#m G#m F# B F# A#7
When I wake up early in the morning/lift my head I'm still yawning

(you get the idea...)
D#m G#m F# B F# B G#m
When I'm in the middle of a dream/Stay in bed Float upstream

F# G#m A#m G#m
Please don't wake me/no don't shake me/leave me where I am

F#maj7 G#m (little bass thing G#/B/D#/B somewhere)
I'm only sleeping...

(bridge part, after verses 2 and 3 I believe...)
C#m7 D#7 G#m
Keeping an eye on the world going by my window, taking my time

2. Everybody seems to think I'm lazy/I don't mind/I think they're crazy
Running everywhere at such a speed/'til they find/There's no need
Please don't spoil my day/I'm miles away/and after all
I'm only sleeping...

3. Lying there and staring at the ceiling/Waiting for/a sleepy feeling

Please don't spoil my day/I'm miles away/And after all
I'm only sleeping...


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From: Harlan L Thompson

E --------- ----------2---------
B --------- ----------3---------
G --------- ----------4-------4-
D ---0-4-0- ---0-4-0--4---0-4---
A -2------- -2--------2-2-------
E --------- ----------2---------


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