The Man Right Chea

Chorus: I`m the man right chea

If you gone be down with me be all the way down with me or get from round me See what I`m doing but don`t like it even though everybody and they mama bout it bout it Our concerts crowded crowded you used to be down but now you doubt it YOU FUCKING WELL RIGHT We real over here we building a No Limit mountain 2 million records and counting, so how the fuck is you sounding Nothing but ?? TRU multi-millionaires round me Sound scared be astounded We sailing ya`ll drowning Black owned and clowning Cd`s cross the counters Told ya`ll I was gone do it, but you didn`t want to see it You wouldn`t worry bout a nigga until I was leaving Now come here, let me show you the difference between a man and a hoe


Chestize and brutalizing stop us from dissing If I`m in it I own it with the keys in the ignition I hope your seatbelt is fastened, I`m known for massing harassing Having to snatch your ass off the mic, grab ya and slap ya Come here, sit up, I know you ain`t gone do it no more You saying my name you must be looking for me, HERE I GO What ya what ya won`t to, what ya gone do We could do it whenever, however you want to Entrepenaur soldiers, guns galore Watch `em burn bitch burn like a flamethrower Rocking on sharp as a bull`s horn, large strong as a phython Hoes they get they fight on soon as I cut my mic on Niggaz getting humble or stumble, fumbling mc`s I crumble Come thru like the reefa, so deadly you don`t wanna rumble That`s right don`t panic, Mystikal the mechanic Sank you like a torpedo, gigantic as the Titanic Rhymes I`m humming keep humming, I`m a keep coming Grabbing your woman, but the drummer still drumming Hard hitter, bull shitter, head splitter when bitter Assassinate a rookie killer like Adolf Hitler A mandingo warrior opponents getting crushed I`m too cool to be moved, too fucking much to be touched Gotta bangling and jangling to our shit when they hear this Fight me like a viking bitch I`m tragic like a terrorist Think you don`t like me, well I have yet to begin You rather be my enemy cause I`m a deadly friend So stay the fuck from round me, do I make myself clear Less you looking for the man, the man right chea


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: Zomba Recording LLC
Published in: 1997
Language: English
Available on: Prince of the South... The Hits (2004), Unpredictable (1997)


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