Marc Anthony
Remember Me

it`s not enough
to say i`ve loved and lost just a thought to know i had it all
times can change but love will not grow old turn the page
turn down this bed alone chorus: do you still remember me
how could you forget you`re everything i need
i`m out here on the ledge there`s no words for me to say
and too much to regret you`re where i should be
do you remember when i let you go what was i thinking of
i`ll never know what it`s like to love but there`s no way
how can i replace love so strong when i can`t forget your face
repeat chorus we used to dance i used to sing do you remember
you and me `cause if i could hold your hand i`d be a king
`cause i remember everything repeat chorus

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    walter at Sun 17 Feb, 2008 12:24 am

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Language: English
Available on: Marc Anthony (1999), Millenium Hits


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