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Secret Of My Life

Secret Of My Life by East 17, Music Lyrics and Video

English band East 17 were recently re-united and they have released a new single - their first in twelve years - titled "Secret of my life". The single was released in July 2011 and it was also accompanied by a music video.
The current line-up of East 17 includes original members Mortimer, John Hendy and Terry Caldwell, along with new lead singer Blair Dreelan. The band is set to perform their 'Back To The Future' tour in August 2011, it will be followed by an album release in September 2011.

East 17 - Secret of my life Video

East 17 - Secret Of My Life Lyrics

I can't believe my eyes
But it came as no surprise
When you looked at me
I knew right than you come in to my life

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