Bob Marley

Bob Marley
Soul Captives (Guitar chord)

Hi my name is really Rob and I don't know why I put my name as being
Dru Hill. Who are Dru Hill? Anyway this is my first tab and its my
favourite Bob Marley song so here goes.
Its a ska rythm
G# Fmi C# Eb G#
Tra la la la la la Tra la la la la la la la soul captives are free
C# Eb G#
When you wake up early in the morning
not sure about next lryics
Bmi C Fmi
Time slips away without you boy
Cmi C# Eb
But we don't care we'll go
Instumental over chorus chords
Verse Fade out


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Sun 01 Dec, 2002 8:32 am

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Language: English


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