Bob Marley

Bob Marley
Natural Mystic Ver 3 (Guitar chord)

{st:(Bob Marley)}
There's a [Dm]natural mystic [G]flow thru' the [Am]air,[Am]
if you [Dm]listen carefully [G]now you will [Am]hear.[Am]
This could [Dm]be the first [Am]trumpet,
might as [Dm]well be the [Am]last.
Many [Dm]more will have to [Am]suffer,
many [Dm]more will have to [Am]die,
don't ask me [Am]why.[Am]

Things are not the way they used to be, I won't tell no lie.
One and all have to face reality now.
'Tho I've tried to find the answer
to all the questions they ask.
'Tho I know it's impossible
to go living through the past,
don't tell no lie.

There's a natural mystic bloom thru' the air, can't keep them down.
If you listen carefully now you will hear.


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Sun 01 Dec, 2002 8:32 am

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Language: English


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CommonCrawl [Bot]
Wed 30 Jun, 2004 1:05 am
i think the tab is a little low; sounds much better half tone up
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