11th Hour Space Monkeys
Jojos Funky Adventure (Guitar tab)

Jojo's Funky Adventure
11th Hour Space Monkeys
1997 (c) Starr Records

off their newest Album
you have to catch these guys in concert, they're stinkin awesome

Intro x2 x3


Verse 1 b?(33012x)

B? Bopen Copen Dopen hit 12the fret harmonics

Bad kids stole my bike I told them one thing they would not
forget if they turned their backs I'd beat all of their snot
around and around till they turned the color of the moon
but I stopped and screamed and sang my favorite tune

G Gdim D Ddim E9+13sus?
I wanna be the man that does really cool things
like the Fonz and the Beav and the clorox man
I wanna be real bad like a bad maama jamma
like Al Gore and swim in the squiggly land

Verse 2 b?(33012x)

B? Bopen Copen Dopen hit 12the fret harmonics

I stepped on your flowers and forgot to tell you that I
was going to pee on your porch but I looked at the sky
and got real dizzy and fell over and looked real stupid
I'm a bad kid gonna buy you some girl scout cookies, bad kid

back to Chorus


Bb C D

sell the brooklyn bridge, sell the cooking utensils
buy up all the kids, put them to work, buy up a farm
sell it all buy it all
nuke the commies, read a proverb a day
makes the world a better place to play, a better place to play
sell it all buy it all


if you've got any tour information or any silly questions
email Jacob Smith prs@fidnet.com
Jared Corgan corgan@primary.net
Willie srennier@mail.win.org

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