Thirstin Howl Iii

Thirstin Howl Iii
Spit Boxers

Spit boxer spit boxer
Thirstin Howl Slobba Ranks
Master Fuol IceBurg Flem
Spit boxer spit boxer (ring is mine)

Thirstin Howl:

Spit boxer
Basic training the mind is the most valuable game piece
My flow gain speed while bathing increasing hunger cravings
After punch lines noses may bleed or cause natious faintings
Proceed with caution, safety
Not too close to the platform
If victories are floorless then what are are you gonna land on?

Master Fuol:
Brownville billy goat card, never leave home without it
Emcees talkin fancy cars, it aint hard to get scouted
But aint about it bout it
Any cipher emptyin crowded we run up in it
The greedy hogs!
No holds barred to the finish, spit squad leutinent
Burg Flem the rap Sugar Ray Leonard
Round for round, ??, beats get pounded
Hit you so many times with rhymes you think you surrounded
My deadest nigga Ha forty drinkin latino (se moreno!)
Who back down cops, escape like Larry Davis, couldn't live off minimum wages
A bravest soul jumps thru pagin a slum, paper for crumbs
Pockets stay tight, drinkin Thunderbird on the curb with the bumbs all night
Cheap wine, quick rum, cop liqour from Buy Rite
My pinup always give me sight we all tight
Spit boxer! spit boxer!

Thirstin Howl: so hot we need smoke alrms and fire drills
(float!!) like im the only man alive with gills
Watch for suspects with Judas eyes of guilt
Hollerin in Holland's hills, honering un honest, hearts of holice
Since then I been strung out and remained aholic
So evil I had the devil's horns clipped!

"Fighting out of the dark corner, in the dingey trunks, weighing in at three
tablespoons, from the island of Rikers!"

Master Fuol:
My brain was trained by Custom Auto
Im the spit boxer, I keep vodka in my water bottle
Thirstin Howl:
Put em' down hand skills not required
Comeback and break my own record while retired (spit boxer!)
Master Fuol:
All proceeds from bets made
Thirstin Howl:
Are for opponents
Master Fuol:
For face reconstruction and x-rays
Thirstin Howl: its spit screen, speed bag
Master Fuol: relaxe, lung relapse
Thirstin Howl: like a Heinekin Bottle, yo re-cap
Cold hearted, still pulse
Im a name you never hear when an emcee talks about who he'll roast
Master Fuol: take the title, who can do it exactly
Thirstin Howl: outlaws, my labor to hard liquor and chewin tobacckey
Master Fuol:Win fear distinguishley
Thirstin Howl: at times I gotta bring a chair in the ring with me
Master Fuol: never take a dive
Thirstin Howl: or an ash bet
Master Fuol: only throw in the towl
Thirstin Howl: to the laundrey basket
Spit boxer!!, spit squad, spit squad wut?
Knowledge be born, Earnest Flemmingway
Spit boxer, Zoo Burymore, Steve Austin the spits million dollar man
Spit boxer, spit boxer!!
Skilla Gorilla, Mark Spits


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