Thirstin Howl Iii

Thirstin Howl Iii
Guess Is On The Mix

Unique London:
Guess on the mix it's about time I wanna hear some shit
Thirstin Howl the third Skillionaire spit nigga

Guess on the mix coming straight out of the hell lab
With that Thirstin Howl the third shit no one else has
Return of the rhythm slave turntable belt lash
Welfare bitches don't wait till check day because they sell fast
(U.L: Guess on the mix)
Cuts in Chinese Morse code, scratches are gordo
Mixes tighter than his corn rolls
Thirstin Howl the third, cross roads and burn bridges
So I doubt if they'll be an emcee left living in the rap jungle
I'm an explained, in habitat in a battle I'm polite like
(U.L.: Would you like me to help you pack your bags)
Tyson, coming in the ring without my mouthpiece
Grouchy, overweight alki, the right hooks lousy but got a left jab
My runaway flow will give you jet lag
I'm nasty when it comes to sex in the eardrum
I freak the track like to Korean lesbians with pierced tongues
Dope, without ever walking near drugs
A mouth so nasty, you won't want to share cups
A lone star sheriff, 5 mics, 4 stars and stripes along with merits
Ralph Lauren polo appearance
Life of crime, learned from both parole parents
Bullet gold card in a laminate
(U.L.: Never leave home without mine)
Guess on the mix its about time

Thirstin Howl the third, Skillionaire

Watch your back, my mic is cocked nigga


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Fri 15 Aug, 2003 3:56 pm

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Language: English


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