Theatre Of Ice

Theatre Of Ice
Red Asphalt

Put on your gloves, put on your shoes
Hit the streets as the daylight fades
A million eyes from windows stare
As the roar fills the air
Young girls with needles for eyes
Smile like cats as you cruise by
They lick their lips and stroke their hair
Their faces lost in the headlights' glare
In the street a young girl lies
Another animal prepared to die
Blood pours down her blackened tongue
Life is so wasted on the young

Shadows grow then swiftly die away
Cities rise then fall to decay
Outside the blood pours like rain
But inside you still feel no pain
Along the street where the garbage is piled
A young mother searches for her child
Another sees how it feels
When her brain tastes cold hard steel
Red lights flash in your mirror
As the end of the road draws near
A flash of fire ignites the sky
Are you really prepared to die


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Fri 15 Aug, 2003 3:55 pm

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Language: English


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