The Nonce

The Nonce
Eighty Five

It's 85 y'all
I said it's 86 y'all
85, 86, 83


It's 8:48 and two hours left
The board is staring straight at Sef
Grabbing for my piece of paper but the haper
Cause I'm flowing today
Plus I, what to say
First I look up and then I check the time
Then I get the caper to my old school rhyme
It's like that y'all
You know I don't stop
That Eighty-five hip hop (come on)
Step in sure shot cause the plate is burning
The table is spinning
And you know I'm winning
Now check it out y'all
You know I rock on
Don't freak it by the force cause you know we keep on
My mellow
To the label was stable
Packs to the shows giving pounds to the bro's
It's 9:05 and we're kicking live
What you know about the place that we used to survive
Now it's 9:10 just letting the wheels spin
When it gets it to the end
Tell 'em cue it again
It's like that y'all
You know I don't stop
Now everybody rock, come on


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