Tears By The Firelight

The Royal order reached him now to fight for the land
Eyes at the window-pane, staring through pouring rain
All the room is cold and grey, the fire burns bright

Every night there is no one beside
She's counting the hours, the memories burn
Day after day all her thoughts slip away
She waits for the one to return

Almost a year has gone, the battles are raging on
She has got no sign of life, no news at all
She wants to know his stand far in the foreign land
For King and Country he has left, the King's sleeping tight

Every night there is no one beside . . .

Tears by the firelight, he won't be home tonight
Sparks of hope begin to glow, the end of the war
Church-bells proclaim the peace, they welcome the returnees
"The victory is ours!" but she thinks, "What's mine?"

Every night there is no one beside . . .

Tears by the light, the fire burns down
Words black as grave's ground, seals red as blood
By the light, life's found an end
The parchment is still in her hand


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Language: English


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