Stompin' Tom

Stompin' Tom
Ferryman Ferryman

I heard a story in Tobermory that my baby's in Owen Sound
I was close behind her but I couldn't find her so to Meaford I'm away-
Down to Collingwood that' s where I stood at the bottom of the Georgian Bay

Ferryman Ferryman ! Have you seen my Marianne?
In my search for her I've been- around the bay and back again
Around the bay and back again...

>From Wasaga ta Penatanguishine north ta Parry Sound
There's 30,000's of lakes and Islands and where can she be found
>From grit my baby never hit French river and Sudbury they say
She took a ferry in Tobermory across the Georgian Bay...
Chorus: then-Guitar lick.
>From Espanola to Manitoulina cross the channel I'm bound
Another story in Tobermory said to try old Hepworth town
I was close behind her but I couldn't find her
So I guess I'll have to stay-Without my lovely on lonely island
In the middle of the Georgian Bay
Ferry Man-repeat 3 X and end


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Author: ?
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Language: English


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