Sticky Fingaz

Sticky Fingaz
Live Freestyle New York '99

* The following lyrics are only found on the Main Line 12" Promo
Mr. Brasco:
Can I Get some muthafuckin' hands in the air


Sticky Fingaz:

Sticky Fingaz:
Niggaz be pullin' that shit
Gett'n Down
Freakin' Wit it
Dem niggaz think they da shit
Really they jack offs like Bokeem Woodbine
in The Big Hit
(Prodigy) Aww-Shit
Nigga I don't play like that
I'm steady bustin' my gat
Whut? My last single was wack
I don't give a fuck
Cuz' if it was yours nobody
would even buy a copy of that
at least my single ain't totally crap
cuz i got white bitches be screamin'
"Oh my God dat Shit is Phat!"
Still I ain't with that
who the fuck you think you are
stupid cocksucker, you spend your fridays at the bar alone
or maybe at home
when your short on cash and you ain't got enough to stash
Shit. I guess you ain't gett'n drugs
and without the cream, no bitches gonna give you hugs
stop flossin' fagot, take off those fuckin' lugz

Mr. Brasco:
Alright, i want all my thug niggaz in the crowd tonight to get your
muthafuckin' hands in the air. And all my Brown-skinned ladies, all my
Boriquan mamis, make some muthafuckin' noise...

My Squad come thru
blast you and your crew
never had beef with you
i'm just tryin' to do my do
(Sticky Fingaz) Who?
That hardcore nigga
after i come thru you still tryin' to figga
how i did it so fast
how i so quickly could bust dat ass
(Sticky Fingaz) AWWW-SHIT!
Can ya get wit it
like Def Squad
Can U Dig It
or do I hafta show you how
as matter of a fact, get the fuck outa here
right now
Or your gonna meet my semi-automatic
i'm extratic???
got an itchy trigga finga
an i'm gonna bust my piece
at any gay-ass nigga that be tryin' to linga

Sticky Fingaz:
Yeah, it's the man ya'll niggaz wanted to hear
he's hear niggaz, he's here, check this shit out

Mr. Brasco:
(Slowly)What the fuck?
For me the rap shit started in '92
i was making demos in my basement
and fuckin' my boo until two
niggas no my name
but only recently
before they'd call me crazy, gay and insane
but it's o.k.
cause i ain't mad at ya'll niggaz
ya'll cleanin' toilets, and i'm makin' the bigga figgaz
I bet you think you're hot
I bet you think you're cool
flirtin' with every bitch
that comes swimmin' at the pool,
that you be cleanin'
jealous niggaz be sceamin'
to make sum' dough
but don't call me
cuz' i won't give you no dough
if you want tryin' and start your own rap flow
but if you steal mine,
i'll fuckin' kill you, yo


Sticky Fingaz:
Yeah, now that's the shit that we like


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