Jacobs Dream

Jacobs Dream
Love And Sorrow

I hold this candle that burns in your name
With every tear drop that falls from my eyes
I can�t forget you, the memory never dies
Bus I can�t help a feeling that I�ve been betrayed
Cause I�m the one left out here in the pouring rain
I feel the touch of hand that�s so familiar
How I long for yesterday, I long for yesterday
Pain is so real, it�s a shame that a heart must feel such a loss
In this world that is cruel full of storm and ocean
I lost your love but I�ll let you go
I wish that you could have stayed with me
Now you�ve turned and said goodbye
It�s raining tears and my heart is breaking
Something inside me has died
Now that you�re gone from my side
And all that is left are these damned memories
Of lost love and gained sorrow
Love is so real, it�s a GOD
That is never changing, and love
Shall remain in my heart as I keep on living
I lost your love, but I�ll let you go
I wish that you could have stayed with me
Even though you�ve said goodbye
It took some time, but my heart is mending
Something inside me�s alive
It seems that my soul has survived
Tomorrow will come and I will be free to love someone
To love another


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