The Descendents
This Place

I haven't found a single thing to call my own
And there's nothing left for me to do
Just play the game, pretend to do work
No my boss isn't a jerk
It's just this place

This place sux
I been slinking throught the halls
Like an unwashed dog
And everybody treats me like a criminal
Talk about me behind my back
At least I don't have a stick up my ass
Like the people in this place

This place sux (3 X)

I feel my confidence draining away
I feel them laughing at me everyday
I never thought it would end up this way
Good thing I'm not going to stay

This place sux
I haven't found a single friend in
Three whole years
Cause there's nobody here but the Bible boys
Talking about their white bread politics
Gotta leave the room
Cause you're making me sick
Gotta leave this place
This place sux

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Language: English


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