The Dead Milkmen
Silly Dreams

You changed your mind
I had a dream you came back to my house
To spend some time
You said you'd only stay a week
You brought two cats for me to keep
And told me not to feed them tuna or they'd throw up
I fed them tuna and they threw up for hours and hours

I was amazed at all the stuff that came from those little bodies of theirs
It was puffy like a sponge
The color of the sidewalk
And it smelled like the dirty rags beneath the sink

I had a dream you came back to my house
And robbed me blind
You took my stereo, CD's, cassettes and books
You left nothing behind
I woke up you were next to me
And I knew it was just a dream
I woke up again and you were a thousand miles away

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Language: English


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