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The Bates
Say It Isnt So (Guitar chord)


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Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 11:08:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Chords and tablature for THE BATES - SAY IT ISN'T SO

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Subject: Chords and Tab for "Say it isn't so" by The Bates

Band: The Bates
Song: Say it isn't so
Album: pleasure + pain
Tab from: (Lenny)

Hey german pop-punkers! I recently visited the OLGA and really enjoyed the
tabs there (actually some of the real cool punk stuff) and well I thought
this pretty nice song by the german punkrock band "THE BATES" shouldn't be
missing there. This is my first tab ever, so it's probably not great. So here
we go. Comments and corrections are welcome. Chordchart is below. Sing along
since it's an easy song. :):):)

Intro (with some echo effect):
just strum the chords once

A F#m
Cold as a razorblade ... Love is so close to hate

Bm E
Untangle it's so cruel ... The good one is the fool

Verse 1:
Start with the RHYTHM(listen to the CD, it's kind of a Beatles RockNRoll
A F#m
Hangover everyday Good Luck so far away
Bm E
And haggle for a dime You are no friend of mine

CHORUS(strum the chords with a little pause(before + between the
chords),listen to the CD):

F#m E D E
OH NO, NO, NO, SAY IT ISN'T SO (play twice)

Verse 2 (w/ rhythm; drums start):
A F#m
Message from underground Without a word or sound
Bm E
Looks oh so sad to me Be what you wanna be
A F#m
If you come from the south You better shut your mouth
Bm E
Black windows everywhere But I don't really care

Chorus (F#m,E - D,E (twice))

Verse 3:
repeat the A-F#m-Bm-E chord progression two times over that Ba-thingy as seen
the lead guitar additionally just strums the chords once with a bunch of
A F#m Bm E
Babababababababababa... (twice)

Intro (is repeated but no guitar, the bass is playing alone)

Verse 1 (w/ rhythm)

CHORUS (twice, then lead guitar starts with a little solo and CHORUS repeats
some more)

Solo (part one, begin with this in last chorus and play a few times):
F#m E D E (ssCHORDS played over solo)

Solo (part two, play this after Solo 1 was played a few times with CHORUS
chord progression):


Outro (sounds like played from a recordplayer with some strange distortion
played with RHYTHM (listen to the CD)
A F#m
Cold as a razorblade ... Love is so close to hate

Bm E
Untangle it's so cruel ... The good one is the fool

END ON ---------------------a F#m


A F#m Bm E D

So that's it. It's a pretty easy song, but once you can play, you do it a
lot, because it rocks. This is the first of the catchy tunes' I'm going to
send to OLGA. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you want to put it up on a
homepage, please credit me for it. And if you got any cool solos or stuff
from my punk faves WIZO, Rancid and new Offspring stuff (or maybe the correct
intro and chords of perfect government or scavenger type by NOFX) e-mail me.
If you need a boyfriend also e-mail me... HAHA :):):)
See ya in the pit ... sez LENNY (


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