The Greatest Show On Earth

Locked it up and threw the key away
It was a very old and dusty dream
Everyone knows-

There's no time for happiness today
Got a date for a PLASTIC TRAY
Got a deal to sign her life away
Got an early grave she gotta make
And we are all insane

Hold on Slow down You'll never get to heaven on this merry-go-round
Turn on
Turn round
You know you're going nowhere
If you keep on going round
The merry-go-round
Where you go-There you go-Round

Christopher Robin blew his friends away
Wrappd 'em up and moved on Barnsley way
Got a job he's milking plastic trays
Got a line in filling earlt graves

Round and Round and Round and Round he goes
Where he stops well no-one seems to know why
They've forgotten just what he could be
He's the same the same as you and me
We are all insane



Submitted by OptimusPrime at Fri 15 Aug, 2003 12:32 am

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Language: English


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