Rob Hoeke R&B Group

Rob Hoeke R&B Group
Everybody Tries

Everybody tries to get me down down to my knees
But they don't succeed to push me where they want me
Journal sing, just revenging a ballotine, just envy
And they try to make me feel that I'm the nothing

But believe me, my friend
Once they're gonna lose their face
Bossin' about the girls they never made at all
Like little skunky dunge only can crawl

Smiling in your face when you're with them
But never turn around
They call and shoot you poison in your back
Yeah, come on, Robbie, blow it right now, oooh, wow!

Now look here, my friend, it ain't no use to tryin'
Don't you try to get me down or else you buy in
You're just too weak, you've got no heart
You're just a fool, a real mean creep
I'm sorry, man, to say you've got a sick mind

You better move away
Move, move, move away
Robbie, once more, Robbie, blow it right now!


Submitted by Nita at Wed 23 Aug, 2006 3:30 pm

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English


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