Richie Furay

Richie Furay
Childs Claim To Fame (Guitar tab)

~A Childs� Claim To Fame~ ...�G�
Ritchy Furay / Buffalo Springfield
1 4 1
Well there goes another day
4 1-5 4
and I wonder why, you and I
Keep telling lies

I can�t believe a word you say
cause tomorrow�s a lullaby
can�t pacify my lonely crying


Well make believe is all you know
and to make believe is a game
A childs� claim, you changed your name

So sadly I watched the show
Just to see what you became
Truth is a shame
Yea too much fame

(One of Ritchy Furays songs ... legend has it that this was his telling Neil Young off tune... played at a medium Country tempo.... Pogo also did this in a medley on their live album... 1-4-5 ... verses are different than a 12 bar ...You can really stretch this one out by taking extra solos ......

This is Dr.Ducks version ... enjoy ... and keep on rockin� ...
So ... Who is Dr.Duck ??? ... to say hi to Dr.Duck ... go to ...


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