Great Things (Guitar chord)


Date: 03 Mar 96 07:33:42 EST
Subject: TAB: Great Things BY Echobelly

I noticed the lack of Echobelly in OLGA so I decided to knock something up.
(Also went to the gig at Manchester Academy last night and wanted to share
a bit of the Echobelly experience with you all!)

I'm afraid I haven't included all the lyrics - I can't tell what she's
saying half the time! I have included the chorus and 1 verse. There is
a middle eight but that's just the verse chords with no vocals.
Basically there's enough here to get you playing a half decent rendition!

Please e-mail me with any comments or if you find these useful and I will
have a crack at other echobelly tracks - let me know which you want to see.
Have Fun! Liky Beer
16 February 1996

GREAT THINGS by ECHOBELLY taken from the album ON

Opening chords 1 strum each and let them ring out for 1 bar....
Fmaj7 C B

CHORUS repeat twice each time
I wanna do great things
don't want to compromise
I wanna know what love is
I wanna know what love is

(variations of)
I wanna know everything
is it something I do to myself
I wanna try everything
is it something I do to myself, something I do to myself

(after each chorus play 2 quick stabs on G then before the verse comes in
just alternate between A and G staying for 2 beats on each. ie A A G G etc)

Verse 1
A G A G A G D Dsus4 A
More to life than love and war or so they say and so the saying goes
A G A G A G Dsus4 Fmaj7
Want to see more broken hearts than you can count???????????????war?
C D Fmaj7 C B7
Oh what do I know, there's gotta be, so much I dont know....

I wanna do...etc

If anyone out there e-mails the lyrics to me I will tidy the whole thing up!


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Language: English
Available on: On (2019)


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