Elemeno P

Elemeno P

Find it hard to deny you,reply to your call
you want from me, but you don't want me at all
I find deep down inside is the magic has gone
this innings is over and we should move on

Goodbye, i cried, i just had to walk away
i want you to need me like i needed you
Goodbye i cried i just had to walk away...yeah

Found it hard when you said what you needed to say. so violenet, your silence it gave you away
I fly with this tied to me feels like a tonne
This winter is oever and I'm not the one


Need someone or something to get over you
When it's all said and done I'm not over you
How many times will I have to break up with you
last goodbyes imply we're giving up


Outro: Goodbye, i cried, you won't takeaway
Goodbye i cried, i won't let you stay
Goodbye, i cried, you wont takeaway
Goodbye, i cried, i won't let you stay


Submitted by kristen at Sat 03 Apr, 2004 10:09 am

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Language: English


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