Nickle And Dime

Nickle And Dime
There Are Days (Guitar chord)

There Are Days
Nickle and Dime
8 through 9
Copyright 1997 Lollipop Gang Publishing
taber Samuel Rainey (
Most of their stuff is pretty easy, so hopefully I won't embarrass myself...

Capo 1

intro: G D Cadd9 D

G D Cadd9 D
There are days when my heart is heavy and I can't go on
G D Cadd9 D
and there are times when it feels like the world is caving in
G D Cadd9 D
and painn is something that I know too well
G D Cadd9 D
the hurts of the world seem to be part of the ride

chorus: (i think there might be another chord or two in the bridge, but I can't really tell, the song repeats itself in chords... sounds good though)

G D Cadd9 D
I wanna know your life when times are hard and heavy Lord

I wanna know you're there when I'm all alone

I wanna look in your eyes ane see the passion of home

when home seems to be just a figment of my imagination

there are days when I can't put a finger on how I'm feelin'

and there are times I wanna crawl in a hole and refuse this day

but this is not what you have called me to

so teach me Lord to llive this life just like you

repeat chorus


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