Gary Chapman
Treasure (Guitar chord)

"Treasure" by Gary Chapman (from "The Light Inside)
copyright 1979 Paragon Music Corp
Figured out by David Michel (
intro figure: (G)32003 (G+)321003 (G6)322003
the G7 should be played 323003

G G+ G6 G+ G G+ G6 G+

G G+ G6 G
They say that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also
C/G Cm/G G G+
And your heart stays where you hide your greatest love.
G G+
Now you can leave that love on earth
G6 G
where thieves may steal tomorrow
C/G Cm/G G G7
or you can take it to that hiding place above.

Well there's a treasure at the end
G D/F# Em
of this narrow road I'm traveling
C G/B Am7 D/F# G Am7 G/B
And it gives me a purpose for my life.
C G/B Am7 D/F# G D/F# Em
Jesus is my treasure, he's the reason that I am living
G D C G/B Am7
And he's going to be my reason when I die.
G G+ G6 G+
So if you've been wondering where you are
and where it is you're going
He's left a map for you and me to use.
Just read the map and follow close
always walking where it's showing
Oh, you just can't miss it, there's way too much to lose.

CHORUS (slower with ad lib; first half keyboard only)

G D C G/B Am7 G2
Yeah, he'll still be my reason when I die.

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Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
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Language: English


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